Elevator Regulations

In accordance with the Elevator Periodic Control Regulation published in the Official Gazette dated 04 May 2018 and numbered 30411 by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the elevators must be periodically inspected at least once a year.

Periodic control is the inspection process to be made regarding the safe use of the elevator and whether it works properly in terms of operation, and it is carried out under the supervision of the technical staff of the elevator maintenance company. Along with the periodic control process, it is also determined whether the maintenance company supervising the control meets the conditions specified in the relevant legislation.

Elevator Periodic Control Regulation, Article 8, paragraph 4; “The obligation to carry out periodic control belongs to the relevant administration and building manager.” and Article 9 paragraph 1; There are provisions that “the relevant administration signs a protocol with one of the A type inspection bodies authorized by the Ministry for periodic control of the elevators within its area of responsibility. In accordance with the relevant provisions, each building manager is responsible for the periodic control of the elevator in his building. He must apply to the authorized A-type inspection institution in his district and have the elevator of the building he is managing periodically checked.

The purpose of the annual periodic control is to determine whether the elevator is in a condition that does not endanger the safety of the users and maintenance personnel. In this direction, it is among the principal duties of the building manager to have annual periodic checks done, making unsafe elevators safe and suitable for use.

In addition, the elevator, whose periodic control is not allowed or made safe by the building supervisor, is banned from service by the A-type inspection body by sealing it in accordance with the 2nd paragraph of the 29th article of the regulation and the necessary notifications are made to the building management.

In line with this information, all building managers are required to comply with the requirements of the regulation on safe elevator use.

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