How Do We Manage the Coronavirus Process?

How Do We Manage the Coronavirus Process?

The measures taken in all areas of life are still valid due to the coronavirus, which still keeps the world under its influence. As HGM Asansör, we take the necessary precautions during the pandemic period by taking innovative steps for elevators where contact is very frequent and by developing appropriate solutions for the continuity of mobility.

Elevators Continue to Work

Elevators are an essential part of daily life and vertical architecture. Along with the elevators, the walking paths, which are used to reduce the traffic on the long walkways and make them more comfortable, are also actively used.

We continue to meet your service and repair needs to keep elevators and moving walks working. Our policy, which always prioritizes the safety of the technical team, takes the necessary precautions for the field teams to work in healthy and hygienic conditions.

We also have stocks of spare parts that may be required for maintenance and repair operations during the pandemic process. In this way, it is possible for us to take action quickly for you, even if there are delays in shipments to make the necessary repairs.

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