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Access Between Floors is Our Business

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Elevator Installation

Access Between Floors is Our Business

Elevator Installation

Elevator installation starts on the first day the project is drawn. Elevator shaft measurements are made by our engineers in our company, and the elevator shaft project drawing is made in accordance with the project. Before the first material enters the elevator shaft, it is determined how the elevator will look on the project.

Only the materials specified on the contract are used in assembly. Again, only materials with proven quality are included in our assemblies.

As HGM Elevator:

  • Vehicle elevators
  • Freight elevators
  • Passenger elevators
  • Stretcher elevators
  • Scissor lifts
  • Electric or hydraulic hoists
  • Elevator inside or outside of the building in steel construction

We are with you with our solutions.


Elevator Maintenance and Technical Service

Due to environmental factors, electrical problems or usage errors, we may encounter some problems in the elevators we use. In order to minimize these problems and keep the current status of our elevator safe, we need elevator maintenance service.

The Ministry of Industry of the Republic of Turkey stipulates that maintenance checks of all elevator systems are carried out on a monthly basis.

As HGM Asansör, with our experience of more than 30 years, young and dynamic staff, we carry out your monthly periodic elevator maintenance and provide 24/7 technical service. We provide the replacement of all materials within the scope of warranty, except for consumables, in all our elevators, which are under our warranty and whose periodic maintenance continues.

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Elevator Revision / Modernization Operations

Tired of your old elevators constantly causing problems? Or do your deficiencies in the annual periodic elevator inspection cost very high prices? Does your elevator man tell you that your old materials that are always working need to be replaced? Firms with insufficient past knowledge do not spend much time with defective or repairable old materials, or they do not have the experience and competence to deal with these materials. HGM Elevator offers you the most appropriate solutions for the deficiencies in your elevator with its experience of more than 30 years and the enthusiasm of a company that has just started its business in each new project. It is ensured that the customer is aware of all the stages in your revision processes carried out in coordination with the customer.

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